Azad Kashmir Assembly Election 2016 Full Result

General Elections 2016 Detail Result Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Detail and complete result information of General election 2016 of Azad Jammu & Kashmir. General election held in Azad Kashmir on July 21 , 2016. General election 2016 of AJK legislative assembly full coverage of latest result. Detail Result information of General election 2016 in Azad Kashmir legislative assembly. Azad Kashmir full result with detail of votes of General election 2016. Azad Kashmir election detail result , all candidate vote and full result of all constituencies of L.A of AJK.

Azad Kashmir General Election 2016 Result

LA-1 Mirpur - I
LA-2 Mirpur - II
LA-3 Mirpur - III
LA-4 Mirpur - IV
LA-5 Bhimber - I
LA-6 Bhimber - II
LA-7 Bhimber - III
LA-8 Kotli - I
LA-9 Kotli - II
LA-10 Kotli - III
LA-11 Kotli - IV
LA-12 Kotli - V
LA-13 Bagh - I
LA-14 Bagh - II
LA-15 Bagh - III
LA-16 Bagh - IV
LA-17 Sudhnoti / Poonch - I
LA-18 Sudhnoti / Poonch - II
LA-19 Sudhnoti / Poonch - III
LA-20 Sudhnoti / Poonch - IV
LA-21 Sudhnoti / Poonch - V
LA-22 Sudhnoti / Poonch - VI
LA-23 Neelum - I
LA-24 Muzaffarabad - I
LA-25 Muzaffarabad - II
LA-26 Muzaffarabad - III
LA-27 Muzaffarabad - IV
LA-28 Muzaffarabad - V
LA-29 Muzaffarabad - VI
LA-30 Jammu & Others - I
LA-31 Jammu & Others - II
LA-32 Jammu & Others - III
LA-33 Jammu & Others - IV
LA-34 Jammu & Others - V
LA-35 Jammu & Others - VI
LA-36 Kashmir Valley - I
LA-37 Kashmir Valley - II
LA-38 Kashmir Valley - III
LA-39 Kashmir Valley - IV
LA-40 Kashmir Valley - V
LA-41 Kashmir Valley - VI

Azad Kashmir General Election 2016

dummy3Election Commission of AJK decided to conduct legislative assembly elections in Azad Kashmir on July 21 , 2016.In which general public will elect the representative of LA of AJK . Candidates can file their nomination papers by 16th June. Checking of the nomination papers will be held on 17th June appeals against acceptance or rejection of papers would be received on 22nd June and their hearing will be held on 23rd and 24th June. Decisions on these appeals will be announced on 25th and 26th June. Candidates can withdraw their nomination papers on 27th June and final list of candidates will be displayed on 28th June and election symbols will be allotted on 29th June .We will provide you all information regarding the Azad Kashmir legislative assembly election . AJK legislative assembly election 2016 full coverage news , information , candidate list and detail result of all LA of all districts .

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