PTI Candidate Election 2020 from Gilgit Baltistan

GB Election 2020 PTI Candidate Gilgit Baltistan

Detail and complete information about ticket holder candidate of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in general election 2020 of Pakistan from Gilgit Baltistan. Pakistan general election 2020 will held on 15th November 2020 . PTI announced the name of candidate of Gilgit Baltistan Legislative Assembly from all districts of Gilgit Baltistan in GB election 2020. Name of P.T.I ticket holder from Gilgit Baltistan in general election 2020. PTI ticket holders Gilgit Baltistan Legislative Assembly. Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf issued the party ticket for GBLA seat .The name of final confirmed candidate list of PTI candidates from Gilgit Baltistan all district Gilgit, Hunza Nagar, Skardu, Astore, Diamer, Ghizer and Ghanche GBLA seats.

PTI GBLA Candidate from Gilgit Baltistan Election 2020

No. PTI GBLA Candidate Name

GBLA-1 Gilgit

Johar Ali

GBLA-2 Gilgit

Fateh Ullah Khan

GBLA-3 Gilgit

Syed Jaffar Shah

GBLA-4 Hunza Nagar

Zulfiqar Ali

GBLA-5 Hunza Nagar

Vacant for MWM

GBLA-6 Hunza Nagar

Colonel (R) Ubaid Ullah Baig

GBLA-7 Skardu

Raja Muhammad Zakarya Khan Maqpoon

GBLA-8 Skardu

Vacant for MWM

GBLA-9 Skardu

Haji Fida Muhammad Nashad

GBLA-10 Skardu

Wazeer Hassan

GBLA-11 Skardu

Syed Amjad Ali Zaidi

GBLA-12 Skardu

Raja Muhammad Azam Khan

GBLA-13 Astore

Muhammad Khalid Khurshid Khan

GBLA-14 Astore

Shams ul Haq Loan

GBLA-15 Diamer

Nooshad Alam

GBLA-16 Diamer

Atiq Ullah

GBLA-17 Diamer

Haidar Khan

GBLA-18 Diamer

Haji Gulbar Khan

GBLA-19 Ghizer

Zafar Muhammad

GBLA-20 Ghizer

Nazeer Ahmad Advcoate

GBLA-21 Ghizer

Raja Jahanzab

GBLA-22 Ghanche

Muhammad Ibrahim Sanai

GBLA-23 Ghanche

Amina Ansari

GBLA-24 Ghanche

Syed Shams Uddin

GB Election 2020 PTI Ticket Holder from Gilgit Baltistan

Election 2020Gilgit Baltistan Election of Pakistan 2020 will be held on 15th November 2020 . Constituency of GB Assembly Gilgit Baltistan district GBLA-1 to GBLA-24. Name of PTI candidates are Johar Ali, Fatah Ullah Khan, Syed Jaffar Shah, Zulfiqar Ali, Colonel (R) Obaid Ullah Baig, Raja Muhammad Zakarya Khan Maqpoon, Haji Fida Nashad, Wazeer Hassan, Syed Amjad Ali Zaidi, Raja Muhammad Azam Khan, Muhammad Khalid Khursheed Khan, Shams ul Haq Loan, Noushad Alam, Ateeq Ullah, Haidar Khan, Haji Gul Bahadur Khan, Zafar Muhammad, Nazeer Ahmed, Raja Jahan Zaib, Muhammad Ibrahim Sanai, Aminah Ansari and Syed Shams Uddin. is largest election website about Pakistani Gilgit Baltistan Election. Which provide all information regarding all general and by-election of Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan from 2009 to 2020.


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