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Election 2008 Khairpur Complete Result

Detail and complete election result of Khairpur MNA and MPA Seats. Khairpur National Assembly and Provincial Assembly seats result with votes detail of General Election 2008. provide the information about Names of all elected MNA and MPA  , their party affiliation and their votes in general election 2008 from Khair Pur. Detailed Election Result of Khairpur district seat in General Election 2008.


Khairpur National Assembly Seat Result of Election 2008

Constituency MNA Name Party Detail
NA-215 Khairpur I

Nawab Ali Wassan


Detail Result
NA-216 Khairpur II

Pir Saddaruddin Shah Rashdi


Detail Result
NA-217 Khairpur III

Pir Syed Fazal Ali Shah Jeelani

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