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Election 2008 Karachi Complete Result

Detail and complete election result of Karachi MNA and MPA Seats. Karachi National Assembly and Provincial Assembly seats result with votes detail of General Election 2008. provide the information about Names of all elected MNA and MPA  , their party affiliation and their votes in general election 2008 from Karachi. Detailed Election Result of Karachi district seat in General Election 2008.


Karachi National Assembly Seat Result of Election 2008

Constituency MNA Name Party Detail
NA-239 Karachi I

Abdul Qadir Patel

PPP Detail Result
NA-240 Karachi II

Khawaja Sohail Mansoor

MQM Detail Result
NA-241 Karachi III

S.A.Iqbal Qadiri

MQM Detail Result
NA-242 Karachi IV

Abdul Qadir Khanzada

MQM Detail Result
NA-243 Karachi V

Abdul Waseem

MQM Detail Result
NA-244 Karachi VI

Shaikh Salahuddin

MQM Detail Result
NA-245 Karachi VII

Farhat Muhammad Khan

MQM Detail Result
NA-246 Karachi VIII

Sufyan Yousuf

MQM Detail Result
NA-247 Karachi IX

Doctor Nadeem Ehsan

MQM Detail Result
NA-248 Karachi X

Nabeel Ahmed Gabol

PPP Detail Result
NA-249 Karachi XI

Muhammad Farooq Sattar

MQM Detail Result
NA-250 Karachi XII

Khush Bakhat Shujaat

MQM Detail Result
NA-251 Karachi XIII

Waseem Akhter

MQM Detail Result
NA-252 Karachi XIV

Abdul Rashid Godil

MQM Detail Result
NA-253 Karachi XV

Syed Haider Abbas Rizvi

MQM Detail Result
NA-254 Karachi XVi

Muhammad Ayoub Shaikh

MQM Detail Result
NA-255 Karachi XVII

Syed Asif Hassnain

MQM Detail Result
NA-256 Karachi XVIII

Iqbal Muhammad Ali Khan

MQM Detail Result
NA-257 Karachi XIX

Sajid Ahmad

MQM Detail Result
NA-258 Karachi XX

Sher Muhammad Baloch

PPP Detail Result