Local Bodies Election 2022 Islamabad Rules

Local Government Elections 2022 Islamabad Information

Detail and complete information about Islamabad Local Bodies election 2022. Islamabad Local Government Act 2015 rules and regulations. Information about Union Council election rules. Detail information about Councilor of wards. General councilor, youth councilor, Women councilor, Labour councilor and minorities councilor of Local Government .Composition of local governments ICT election rules and regulation.

Composition of Local Governments Islamabad

Local governments Islamabad shall consist of Union Councils and Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad.
Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad Composition
(i) Mayor and Deputy Mayor, as joint candidates
(ii) Chairmen of all Union Councils
(iii) Women
(iv) Peasants / Workers
(v) Technocrats
(vi) Youth members
(vii) Non-Muslims
The Mayor and the Deputy Mayor shall be elected as joint candidates, in the first session of the Metropolitan Corporation, from amongst the members of  Metropolitan Corporation, by majority of the members present and voting.

Union Council Islamabad Composition

dummy3A Union Council shall consist of the following members elected. General people will elect the representative of UC by direct voting.
(i) Chairman and Vice Chairman, as joint candidates
(ii) Six general members
(iii) Two women
(iv) One peasant or worker
(v) One youth member
(vi) One non-Muslim.

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